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Gap narrows between main parties

The gap in the polls between main opposition Fidesz the governing Socialist Party (MSZP) further narrowed in November, said national daily Népszabadság on Monday, quoting a Szonda Ipsos poll.

Fidesz's lead over MSZP narrowed to 7 percentage points in November from 12 points in September among the voting population and to 14 points from 20 among decided voters, said the paper. If elections were held today, 25% of all voters support MSZP compared to 32% for Fidesz. MSZP was supported by 37% among decided voters as against 51% for Fidesz. Fidesz trounced the governing parties in the local election held on October 1 after Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány admitted to lying about the public finances before the April general election.

His erosion of support however was more strongly linked to the government's unpopular austerity measures and reforms unveiled during the summer. Neither the junior coalition SZDSZ nor the small conservative opposition MDF would get enough votes to enter parliament. Thirty four percent of those asked said they were uncertain or that they would not vote. The survey was conducted between November 16 and 23, using a representative sample of 1,500 voting age adults. (