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Four Hungarians found guilty of UK sex trafficking

After a seven-week trial in Britain, four Hungarian and one British citizens have been found guilty of conspiring to run a sex-trafficking operation based in Sussex. At least 50 Hungarian women were flown to the UK, from which sexual services were offered via websites; on occasion, the women were sent into several areas of the UK, including Glasgow.

The five defendants – Máté Puskás (25), Victoria Brown (25), Zoltan Mohácsi (36), István Tóth (34), and Péter Tóth (28) – were sentenced yesterday to prison terms ranging from three to six years on conspiracy charges.

Brothers István and Péter Tóth were tried in absentia, as they remain at large.

UK Security Minister James Brokenshire took interest in the case and may be using it as example in years to come. Brokenshire was quoted in British media as emphatically stating that “Slavery has no place in Britain and the Home Secretary and I have made clear our personal commitment to stamp it out.”