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Final vote count could deny Fidesz 2/3, LMP seats

The final results of the April 6 elections are due Saturday and may notably rearrange the composition of the new parliament, political daily Népszabadság has reported. Once all the other votes of those cast by non-residents and at diplomatic institutions are counted, the winning Fidesz could have anything from 131 to 135 seats compared to the originally-reported and currently supposed 133, which is just above the two-thirds mark.

Theoretically, a move in the final tally could also mean that the green-centered LMP will not be part of the new parliament after all, despite getting past the 5% threshold Sunday.

DK, Fidesz MEP candidate lists released
Former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány will lead his Democratic Coalition (DK) party’s list at the May European Parliamentary elections. He stated that the post is only for promotional purposes and that he will hand over his mandate to other people in the party. DK officials optimistically said they are hoping to take two seats.

Meanwhile, Ildikó Gál will head up the Fidesz coalition at the upcoming European Parliamentary elections, the party announced. The lineup features politicians mostly known for their work in Brussels. Fidesz officials have also promised to add representatives to be named later from ethnic Hungarian communities in the neighboring countries.

Though the Together 2014-Dialogue for Hungary (E14-PM) party has yet to name its list, former prime minister/current party president Gordon Bajnai has already stated that he would be on the ticket for Brussels.

Fidesz-KDNP receives huge majority of votes from abroad
The National Election Office (NIV) released final statistics on votes received from Hungarians abroad yesterday. Of the 128,378 valid ballots cast, the Fidesz-KDNP coalition was named on 122,588, or a whopping 95.49% of the vote.

Foreign-based votes accounted for about 2.8% of the 4.62 million cast in the election.

-- David Landry contributed to this article