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Fidesz promises council to halt budget overshoots

If the centre-right Fidesz party wins April's parliamentary elections, it will set up a special council to halt budget overshoots, a program to boost employment and a more transparent financing mechanism for government administration, the party's candidate for prime minister told a meeting of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) on Tuesday.

The budget council would have the authority to return any bills to Parliament or the cabinet if, in its view, they would raise expenditures to over the targeted level, Fidesz chair Viktor Orbán said. Council members would include the head of the National Audit Office (ÁSz), he added. Orbán said Fidesz was committed to introducing the euro in 2010. Although much debated within the party, party policy is that Hungary would lose some of its competitiveness if it were to delay introducing the euro until after surrounding countries adopt it.