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Fidesz dominant, Momentum second, poll says

The governing Fidesz-KDNP party alliance managed to retain its dominance of the Hungarian political scene, despite setbacks at the recent municipal elections, with Momentum emerging as the strongest opposition party, according to a recent poll by Nézőpont Institute.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Among decided voters, the support of Fidesz-KDNP stands at 52%.

The second strongest party at the moment is liberal-centrist Momentum Movement according to the poll, with 13% of decided voters standing behind them.

The only other party with a double-digit support is former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsányʼs DK (Democratic Coalition), enjoying the backing of 11% of decided voters.

Right-wing opposition party Jobbik, currently looking for a party president, managed to grow its support by one percentage point, now standing at 9%.

The support of MSZP-P (a party alliance between the Socialist Party and Dialogue for Hungary) keeps stagnating at 6%, well below the 10% threshold needed for party alliances to enter the Parliament. 

MKKP (Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party), which was founded as a joke, stands at 3%, similarly to green party LMP (Politics Can Be Different). The support of far-right party Mi Hazánk Mozgalom (Our Home Movement) is measured at 2%.