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Express train to the airport launched

The preparatory work of the construction of an express railway connecting Ferihegy airport and the Nyugati railway station has been launched, daily Népszabadság reported. The development may be carried out in a through private investment, in which case the state would pay a managment fee. It is also possible that a private railway company would be founded for the sole purpose to operate the airport trains. MÁV Rt and Budapest Airport Rt have been ordered to prepare the investment. According to daily Népszabadság, the railway might be either a part of the suburban program of MÁV and would be based on the existing Budapest-Cegléd tracks or the trains would run on brand new tracks and would not stop anywhere between the two terminals. The first version costs about Ft 25 billion, while the latter one would cost Ft 60 billion-Ft 80 billion.