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Ex-BNP extremist expelled from Hungary

Nick Griffin, former leader of the U.K.ʼs far-right British National Party, has been expelled from Hungary by the Office of Immigration and Nationality on the suggestion of Hungarian state-owned Counter Terrorism Center (TEK), according to Hungarian online news portal

Nick Griffin (screengrab from a video)

Griffin said earlier that he would be moving to Hungary before “trouble begins in Western Europe,” according to video footage posted by Hungarian online news portal, in which the controversial politician praises Hungary.

In March, Griffin gave a video interview to the Hungarian portal after the Association of Identitarian University Students (Identitárius Egyetemisták Szövetsége) held a conference named Stop Operation Soros!

“I hope that Hungary, the Hungarian government, the Hungarian people, will welcome people who are genuine refugees from Western Europe but keep out the liberals who have brought Western Europe to this state in the first place,” Griffin said about the circumstances of his planned move.

The British politician is the second British radical to have been expelled or barred from the country this week, after James Dowson was restricted from travelling to Hungary, according to a report by Magyar Narancs on Wednesday. Dowson was banned entry to Hungary because he is considered as a “threat to national security”, according to Magyar Narancs.

According to, Dowson travelled to Hungary frequently as his Knights Templar International organization used to have an office near Oktogon; the organization was allegedly involved in offering Hungarian real estate in British far-right circles.