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EU approves quotas, Hungary opposes measure

The European Union voted on and approved the voluntary distribution system of refugee, under which 120,000 refugees arriving to the EU will be distributed among member states. Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia voted against the measure, while Finland abstained.

Luxembourgʼs Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said that the word “quota” has been excluded from the agreement. According to news reports, under the agreement EU countries are expected to “voluntarily” accept refugees, and numbers recorded in the agreement are only suggestions. However, if a member fails to accept the number of refugees stated, an infringement procedure can be launched against it.

Despite Hungary voting against the agreement, it will have to take over 306 refugees from Italy, 988 from Greece and another 1,058 from other EU countries within two years, online daily reported, while thousands of refugees continue to arrive to the country through Croatia daily.

Earlier reports suggested that the Visegrád Four Countries – Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland – would vote against the distribution of refugees. Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said yesterday after a meeting of the V4 and EU leaders that western countries in the EU and V4 still cannot agree on how to solve the refugee crisis in Europe. Poland was the only V4 country to vote in favor of the distribution system.