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EP approves Sargentini Report against Hungary

The European Parliament in Strasbourg voted to approve the hotly debated Sargentini report on Wednesday afternoon, with more than two-thirds of MEPs supporting the report

Following Tuesdayʼs fierce debate, the EP approved Dutch MEP Judith Sargentiniʼs report on the situation in Hungary. Multiple representatives of the European Peopleʼs Party, the parliamentary group Fidesz belongs to, also voted in favor of the report.

A total of 448 MEPs voted in favor of the report, with 197 against and 48 abstaining.

The document notes several concerns related to the functioning of the constitutional and electoral system; the independence of the judiciary and of other institutions and the rights of judges; corruption and conflicts of interest; privacy and data protection; freedom of expression; academic freedom; freedom of religion; freedom of association; the right to equal treatment; the rights of persons belonging to minorities, including Roma and Jews, and protection against hateful statements against such minorities; the fundamental rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees; and economic and social rights.

Sargentiniʼs report was approved by the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties and Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) in June. The reportʼs approval required more than two-thirds of voting MEPs and an absolute majority of all MEPs.