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Election 2014: Voter poll shows Fidesz lead among all age groups

Left with little different to report its latest survey of registered voters in Hungary’s parliamentary elections of 2014 than the Fidesz-KNDP coalition holding its steady lead with support in the 45% range, pollster Tárki this month instead presented a breakdown of party preference by voter age, statistics which show that, well, Fidesz-KDNP is just as steady a draw no matter the demographic.

In direct opposition were the top-contending parties on either side of the political prism. The Tárki poll shows the appeal of major opposition party MSzP steadily increases with the average voter’s age: Just 10% of those polled between 18 to 22 years of age are currently backing the socialists, while 40% of the 70-and-older crowd supports this party.

The extreme right-wing party Jobbik, meanwhile, showed some 30% support in the youngest demographic and 28% for the likely-voting 23- to 27-year-olds but 5% and under among those 63 and older.

MSzP’s left-wing coalition partner Together 2014-Dialogue for Hungary (E14-PM) likewise dips to below 5% among the sexagenarians.

Fidesz-KDNP showed 41% to 53% across all groups, with the great majority of support in the 44% to 48% across demographic groups. The ruling coalition’s largest lead is currently among the 23 to 27 set, with 51% support against the 21% drawn by Jobbik.

Additionally, Tárki considered the relative willingness of each age group to actually cast a ballot in the upcoming election. This poll showed a trend to higher turnouts among older voters, with at least 50% of likely voters aged 53 to 72 “certainly” to vote. Among 18- to 22-year-olds, some 30% said they certainly would not vote.