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Election 2014: Fidesz supermajority, LMP seats confirmed

The Fidesz party’s two-thirds parliamentary supermajority in the April general election was confirmed Saturday after the official counting of 99.99% of valid votes. 

Though 16 constituencies were under review, including key closely-contested battles in Miskolc and Budapest’s district 15 which ultimately produced the final two seats for the Fidesz-KDNP two-thirds majority, the final outcome differed little from the first reported results.

As such the composition of the next parliament will be Fidesz-KDNP with 133 seats; the Unity coalition of MSzP, Együtt-PM, Democratic Coalition (DK) and the Liberal Party with 38; Jobbik with 23; and LMP with 5.

-- material by Gergő Rácz was used in this article