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Discussion on cannabis for medicine should start in Hungary, says toxicologist

The legalization of cannabis is “not timely yet” in Hungary, however debate on its medical use could and should be started, toxicologist Gábor Zacher said in connection with liberal MP Gábor Fodor’s submitted draft amendment on the legalization of cannabis.

The toxicologist gave an interview on Tuesday evening to Hungarian state-owned all-news channel M1. He stressed that the theory that cannabis would be a “gateway drug” has been debunked, although many drug addicts did start by smoking cannabis.

Still, there is no direct correlation between smoking cannabis and become an addict, the toxicologist noted, based on experiences during his practice.

He said that the legalization of marijuana for recreational use is “not timely yet” in Hungary, but its medicinal use must be discussed.

A recently submitted draft amendment proposal from Hungarian Liberal Party leader Gábor Fodor aims to legalize marijuana or cannabis consumption for recreational and medicinal purposes in Hungary.

Árpád János Pótápi, state secretary for national policy at the Prime Minister’s Office, said that he is “far from agreeing” with the point of view of Fodor. “Sometimes I am stunned how some people try to force their extreme views on the normal majority of society by describing not normal things as if they were normal,” Pótápi was quoted as saying by