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Demo planned against ‘state of terror emergency’ proposal

The Movement for a Modern Hungary (MoMa) party is holding a demonstration at 3 p.m. on Sunday at Kossuth tér to protest the government’s plan to amend  the constitution to allow it to declare a “state of terror emergency”, which would allow for curfews, stricter domestic surveillance, control of the media and other extraordinary security measures, such as authorizing soldiers to act as police officers, according to reports.

Promotional image of the demonstration, posted on Facebook.

The proposed changes could be adopted with a two third majority, Hungarian online daily writes, which could be secured by Fidesz with the help of radical far-right party Jobbik. Both parties have expressed its support for a stronger Hungarian army on many occasions.

MoMa is led by opposition politician Lajos Bokros, the former chairman of the Budapest Stock Exchange following its reopening in 1990, who was also a finance minister in the mid 1990s. The organizers call the proposed changes to the constitution a “dictatorial plan by Fidesz”.

Jobbik said that it generally supports the proposed changes, while opposition parties have expressed their objection to the changes.