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Critics sceptical of Orbán's retreat on tax

The recent announcement by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that he would delay a decision on the internet tax until next year, and allow the public to weigh in with a "national consultation" was received with sceptecism by opposition critics.

The youth association of Democratic Coalition (DK) posted on their page that Orbán only said internet tax cannot be introduced in “its current form.” Regarding the national consultation, DK suggested to the Prime Minister that he should have gone to the second demonstration: “You could have consulted with ten thousands on Tuesday evening, where were you?” DK closed their Facebook post saying “Fidesz treats us as fools, again, don’t you see?”

Modern Hungary Movement (Moma) is also doubtful about the Prime Minister’s announcement. “Even his supporters are against the internet tax,” announced Moma leader Lajos Bokros on his Facebook page. “I wonder where the national consultation will lead.”

Zoltán Somogyi, political analyst, reacted to Orbán’s announcement by noting a resemblance between the Prime Minister’s words and János Kádár. Somogyi cited Orbán saying “We are not communists, we wish to govern together with people.” According to Somogy, Kádár once gave a radio speech saying: “We are communists, we wish to govern together the with people.”

Milla, an advocacy group for freedom of press, said on their Facebook page that the “General is afraid!” referring to Orbán. “In his fright he backed away from internet tax, and his fright is justified as his first defeat would be followed by many more” the group added.