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Chief Rabbi: Left-wing seeks to “use Jews” for votes

Those who found something slightly odd about Esztergom mayor Éva Tétényi’s claim that she could do nothing to stop the planned meeting of far-right wing party Jobbik in a former synagogue last week got some confirmation of the thought yesterday: In the estimation of Hungary’s Chief Rabbi Baruch Oberlander, Tétényi essentially encouraged the forum to go forth in an attempt to win Jewish votes for the left in Hungary’s upcoming parliamentary elections. 

Though Tétényi is technically serving as an independent, Oberlander sees her as left-affiliated and surmises she “decided not to send [Jobbik] to another center for the rally, and basically forced them to hold the rally specifically in that synagogue.” 

The rabbi told the HaMevaser newspaper that community leaders had appealed to Tétényi to have the meeting held elsewhere and that “even the Jobbik party itself offered to move the site for the rally.”

Concluded the rabbi, “Regrettably, it is obvious that the Socialist Left party has decided that it’s worth it for them to cynically use Jews and the topic of anti-Semitism in the hopes that it will bring them victory in the upcoming elections. Unfortunately, many Jews and Jewish leaders participate in the elections, and the Socialists take advantage.”