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Barroso: EC to use all powers to ensure Hungary complies with EU principles

The European Commission will use all of its powers to ensure Hungary complies with European Union principles, Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Thursday.

The Commission is reviewing laws recently approved by Hungary’s Parliament to determine whether they are legally compatible with EU rules.

"We remain preoccupied that some of that legislation may indeed be in violation of European laws and European principles," Mr Barroso said, answering a question at a press conference in Denmark. "We will use all our powers to make sure that Hungary complies with the principles, the values and the rules of the European Union and I am confident that we will achieve that," he added.

Mr Barroso said the Commission had to complete its review of the legislation "objectively, respecting fully our principles and laws". "It’s also good that the Hungarian government already declared...that they are ready to consider, in fact to change the law if they find in contradiction with European norms and European values," he added.

Mr Barroso said the Commission would announce its decision on the legislation on January 17.