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Anti-Fidesz protest planned in Hungary, Europe on Saturday

After the overwhelming victory of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party in the Hungarian general election on April 8, what is being touted as the “largest protest of Hungarians to date” is being planned for Saturday (April 14) at 5.30 p.m; more than 130,000 people have said they will attend on Facebook.

Large-scale anti-government protests were seen in Budapest in October 2014 against plans to introduce an internet tax.

In a statement sent to international media outlets under the slogan “We are the majority,” the protesters refer to the prime minister as the “EuroTrump” and say they are denouncing the fact that Fidesz gained a supermajority of two-thirds of the seats in Parliament “with just one-third of the votes.” They complain of an “unfair election marked by widespread irregularities, a distorted media landscape, and hate-filled government propaganda.”

The statement goes on to insist: “We, the majority of Hungarians, did not vote for Orbán. We are not scared of Orbán’s threat to retaliate against those who stand up for our democracy. We, the majority, will fight for the future of Hungary.”  

The organizers, who are listed as Balázs Gulyás, Örs Lányi, Viktor Gyetvai, Gergely Homonnay, Kristóf Szilágyi and Mark Dietrich, say there will be simultaneous protests in Debrecen, Győr, Nyíregyháza and Pécs in Hungary, and others in Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris.

They are demanding “that the National Election Authority allow for an independent investigation into the voting irregularities that are being reported by Hungarian voters across the country.”