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Anti-fence demonstration set for this evening

Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary (MigSzol) is holding a protest this evening, called "A Demonstration Against the Wall on the Serbian Border", at 6:00 pm, and is inviting people to gather in front of the Basilica to express their opposition to Hungarian ruling party Fidesz’ immigration policy, the group’s Facebook page says.

“The Hungarian government has a talent for building walls, it’s raising newer and newer walls between layers of society, fighting and blindly firing away from its trench. It is burning the bridges between society and politics, education and progression,” the group says on their Facebook page. “Viktor Orbán and his whole brigade, paid and voluntary advisors - we won’t let them commit such a disgrace, not with this country! We’ve had enough walls; let’s build schools and hospitals, homes for Hungarians and migrants alike!” – the description adds.

The demonstration comes after the Hungarian government yesterday began construction of a wire fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border in order to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. It was reported earlier that the Hungarian government had allocated HUF 6.6 bln of this year’s budget for the construction of the fence.

“The construction of the wall in the planning phase costs as much as the Hungarian state’s 11 year refugee budget based on the current numbers,” MigSzol writes on their Facebook page, adding that “but why speak about numbers; the idea is simply evil and absurd.”

Expressing one of their aims, MigSzol writes on their page that they “will demand that the decision regarding the wall be retracted, and that Serbia not be pronounced a safe third country.”

Partner organizations of the demonstration include: 42 Közössége Association, Amnesty International Hungary, Artemisszió Foundation, Cordelia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims, Eleven Emlékmű, European Network Against Racism, HCLU, Human Platform, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Jövőkerék Foundation, Közmunkás Mozgalom, Krétakör Foundation, Menedék Association, Szubjektív Values Foundation and The City Is For All.