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Two charged in racist attack on Yemeni students in Pécs

Two Hungarians have been charged in relation to a racially motivated attack on a pair of Yemeni university students in Pécs (southwest Hungary) last summer, according to a report by news portal

One of the students studies in the city of Pécs (pictured), while the other studies in Szeged (photo: Shutterstock/István Csák)

The report says that the Yemeni students were walking in front of a shopping mall in Pécs speaking Arabic when the two attackers started shouting "Migrants go home! Get out of here! Speak Hungarian in Hungary!"

The students attempted to confront their assailants over the racist abuse they were receiving, when one of the accused grabbed one of the Yemenis and pushed him to the ground, while continuing to shout racist insults, according to the report. The student got up and ran away, while the other student was then set upon and kicked multiple times by both aggressors, who wore steel toe-capped boots.

Eventually the second Yemeni managed to escape as well, and the matter was reported to the police.

The Pécs District Prosecutor’s Office has now charged the accused with physical assault causing bodily harm, as well as committing a hate crime.