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Students returning from Italy quarantined

The National Center for Public Health (NNK) says that 11 high school students, two bus drivers, and one accompanying person returning from a trip to Coronavirus-stricken Northern Italy are set to stay under observation in a two-week quarantine at the Szent László Hospital in Budapest.


NNK notes that the Italian province of Lombardia is struggling with an outbreak of Coronavirus, with the count of confirmed cases rising in other northern provinces. According to international news agency BNO News, there are 200 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Italy at the time of writing.

The accommodation of the Hungarian students was only 13 km away from a quarantined area in Lombardy, and the students frequently used public transport in the Milan area. The group stayed in the region for a couple of weeks.

NNK argues that the decision to put the students into a two-week quarantine in order to protect both the Hungarian population and the students themselves.