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Satisfaction with personal relationships slightly below EU avg

On a scale from 0 (not satisfied at all) to 10 (fully satisfied), the average satisfaction of Hungarian residents aged 16 and over with their personal relationships stood at 7.6 in 2018, according to data by statistical agency Eurostat.

Chart by Eurostat

The EU average satisfaction stood at 7.9 in the same year. The satisfaction with one’s personal relationships was highest amongst younger people aged 16-24 (8.3) and 25-34 (8) as well as amongst those aged 65-74 (8). The level of satisfaction however declined to 7.9 from the age of 75, the agency says.

In Hungary, the group most satisfied with their personal relationships was also the one made up of people aged 16-24 (8).

With an overall average of 8.6, inhabitants of Ireland, Malta, Austria, and Slovenia were the most satisfied with their personal relationships. They were followed by those in Cyprus and Sweden (both 8.5), Finland (8.4), and the Czech Republic (8.3).

On the other end of the spectrum, residents in Bulgaria (6.6), followed by those in Greece (7.1), Croatia (7.5), Italy, Hungary, and Romania (all 7.6) were the least satisfied.

Among member states, the mean satisfaction with personal relationships increased since 2013 in 19 countries. The highest increases were recorded in Bulgaria (from 5.7 in 2013 to 6.6 in 2018, or +0.9), Cyprus (+0.5), Spain (+0.4), Estonia, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia (all +0.3).

Compared with 2013, the mean satisfaction with personal relationships remained unchanged in Ireland, Hungary, and Romania, while a decrease was recorded in five countries: Denmark, Latvia and the Netherlands (all -0.3), as well as Lithuania and Luxembourg (both -0.2).