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Road accidents resulting in injury, death down 30% y.o.y. in March

The number of road accidents in Hungary resulting in injury or death fell 30% year-on-year in March 2020, as a result of a coronavirus-related countrywide lockdown introduced during the month, state news wire MTI reports, citing data by the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

The lockdown pushed the first-quarter number down 8.3% year-on-year to 2,880. The number of such accidents yet rose 10% year-on-year in January and 0.9% in February.

Passenger car traffic on Hungarian roads was down by more than 20% in March due to the restrictions, according to electronic toll payment system operator NÚSZ.

The number of accidents resulting in death dropped the most, by 20% to 100 or 3% of the total in Q1 2020. The number of accidents causing serious injuries fell 12% to 800 and there were 6.2% fewer accidents with minor injuries.

The number of injured in Q1 fell 8.1% to 3,830. About 10% fewer people suffered serious injuries and 29% fewer died in the accidents than in Q1 2019.

Driver error was the cause of about 93% of accidents during the quarter. Alcohol played a part in 9.1% of the cases, the ratio was up from 7.6% a year earlier.

Little more than 3% of the Q1 accidents happened on motorways, their number rose 8.5%, including a 14% rise, despite dropping traffic, in March alone.