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Registration for AmCham-backed Global Challenge opens

Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, “the world’s biggest and most successful health initiative” has opened company registration for its annual 100-day journey starting on May 23 this year, according to a press release sent by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AmCham). 

The challenge is a health and productivity-oriented initiative. “In teams of seven, employees take on 60,000 teams from more than 1,500 organizations in the ultimate destination challenge.

For the 100-day event and beyond, your employees will build sustainable habits around increased activity, improved nutrition, sleep and psychological wellbeing,” Virgin Pulse says. 

The daily goal of the program is to take 10,000 steps. Other components to the challenge, including tools and advice on nutrition, sleep, psychological wellbeing and focus, take the form of modules, and are gradually introduced throughout the 100 days. Rebeka Gáti from AmCham told the Budapest Business Journal that the chamber believes a healthy, motivated workforce ultimately leads to company success and a boost in economic efficiency; upon forming a partnership with Virgin Pulse three years ago, it found that it “has the most holistic and robust, yet user-friendly and smooth solution available” to raise awareness for employee health and wellbeing. 

Member companies of AmCham Hungary are given a special discount. Fifty such companies have taken part in the program since 2015. Company registration and team selection should be completed by the end of April. For more information and pricing details on the Global Challenge, contact, or visit the Global Challenge page on the Virgin Pulse website.