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No bids for decommissioned MiG-29s

A tender for the sale of 19 decommissioned MiG-29 fighter aircraft of the Hungarian Air Force has drawn no interest, business daily Világgazdaság reported on its website.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. (MNV) said that the tender had been declared without a result after no bids were received. The aircraft, together with 20 replacement engines and almost 300 spare parts and munitions, had been offered for HUF 2.8 billion.

When Hungary acquired the aircraft from Russia in 1993, as partial repayment of government debt, they were worth USD 800 million. The MiG-29s were later phased out and replaced with Swedish-made Gripens.

According to a Russian-Hungarian bilateral agreement signed in 2002, Hungary, being a member of NATO, could sell the aircraft only with the prior permission of the government of the manufacturing country, the Russian Federation. This requirement significantly reduced the potential customer base, noted.