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New Year, New Beginnings, New Look

Prescient being that you are, dear reader, you will already have noticed not all is as it was with the Budapest Business Journal. A New Year presents a perfect opportunity to freshen things up, even have a bit of a tidy up. Think of it as an early spring clean, if you like.

Design is a highly subjective thing, of course, which is what makes newspaper redesigns such a daunting prospect. Some people will hate it, some will have loved the old look and have seen no need for a change. Others will be quite neutral about it all and, within a few issues will have forgotten it ever looked any other way. There is not much we can say or do about that, other than to state that we like the new design, and we hope you do too. 

But it isn’t just about putting on a nice set of new clothes (though we do think this is a pretty snazzy set of threads). One of the things I said when I took over at the BBJ was that the paper has always been full of top quality business information, but the pages were becoming too text heavy. The great info was still there, just harder to spot (insert “can’t see the wood for the trees” metaphor here). 

So we have been working with some very talented designers to make it easier to access that data, to make the pages more lively and colorful and, yes, to give the design a more modern look. We would love to hear your impressions, so please do give us your feedback. 

New Years are about resetting and going again. Hungary will do just that, chasing greater economic growth. Just how well the country might do rather depends on who is answering the question, as you will be able to read for yourself in our Special Report looking at what lies ahead from a market perspective. We also look at prospects for the local real estate scene, with market players keen to press ahead following a much improved 2016 (if only the construction business was as healthy!) 

But it is also about personal stock taking and goal setting. Such as the Hungarian team behind YearCompass, which helps you take a more mindful approach to the process, or the slightly more random concept of sweeping New Year’s Resolutions. You will find stories on both of those approaches in our Socialite section. 

From here, the year will only gather pace. The government, too has reset. There are new regulations coming into force, especially concerning taxes and accounting. And you will be able to read about that in our next issue.