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Hungary pupil-teacher ratio 5th lowest in EU

The ratio of pupils to teachers in Hungarian primary schools stands at 10.8, one of the lowest in the European Union, the latest data from Eurostat, the EUʼs statistical agency, indicates.

Image: Eurostat

The ratio is well under the 14.7 average for the European Union as a whole. Ratios are lower in just four members states: Poland (10.7), Lithuania (10.6), Greece (9.4) and Luxembourg (9.0). The pupil-teacher ratio in primary education stands at 19.1 in the Czech Republic, and 17.4 in Slovakia. The highest pupil-teacher ratios were reported in France (19.6), Romania (19.4) followed by the Czech Republic.

The ratio is calculated by dividing the number of full-time equivalent pupils by the number of full-time equivalent teachers teaching at primary schools.

The pupil-teacher ratio should not be confused with average class size as it does not take into account special cases, like the small size of groups of special needs pupils or specific subject areas, or the difference between the number of hours of teaching provided by teachers and the number of hours of instruction prescribed for pupil, Eurostat says.