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Hungary drafts action plan for coronavirus response

A body established by the government to manage measures against infection by the coronavirus has drafted a 28-point action plan, state news wire MTI reports, citing a document by the Ministry of the Interior.

The plan directs the police to scrutinize people entering the country from China as well as those who traveled in China in the previous 14 days or who came into contact with people infected with the coronavirus.

It also instructs the police to start using thermal cameras and buy or rent more of the devices.

The action plan tasks the National Public Health Center with setting up a toll-free telephone number for information on the virus and procuring the necessary healthcare supplies. The center must also outfit border crossing staff with protective clothing and set up disinfection stations.

The center and the countryʼs chief medical officer must devise a procedure for protecting against infection from the coronavirus and communicate that procedure to affected healthcare workers, especially those close to border crossings, according to MTI.

Stocks of medical supplies must be inventoried to ensure sufficient volume and quality, and laboratory capacity must also be reviewed. Conditions for examining university students returning from abroad must be established.

The body managing Hungaryʼs response to the threat is to be informed of measures being taken in other European Union member states on a daily basis. The body will closely monitor the situation and take additional steps if necessary.