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Hungarian experts contribute to Winter Olympics technology

Hungarian and American software engineers of GE Healthcare developed the analytic management system for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Designed in partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the digital analytical system allows healthcare professionals to get real-time data on the health status, injuries and possible illness of competitors.

The GE Athlete Management Solution (AMS) collects and makes available multiple kinds of valuable data in one single application, for example an athleteʼs injuries and illness data, and applied sport and training-specific information, says a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Based on the information stored in the cloud, medical staff at the Games can obtain specific information about the health condition of athletes, and make fast decisions on necessary treatments. Furthermore, the aim of the application is to improve the safety of the Games and help preserve participants’ health by analyzing data.

The AMS collects and makes accessible information including results of examinations and diagnoses of athletes, imaging studies (X-ray, MRI), physiological data, or information related to specific sports events and venues, the press release explains. Based on all these, the application provides real-time analytics to enable medical staff to provide personalized treatment for athletes, and can also identify possible trends and causes of injuries and illnesses.

For example, the tool can flag a “hot spot” where multiple injuries are occurring, or a spike in illness among spectators who attended an event at a specific venue. The tool is cloud-based, embedded with appropriate security controls, and enables remote entry of and internet access to data by clinicians anywhere and at any time – whether they are in a polyclinic, the facility that provides care to anyone involved in the Games, a local hospital, or their hotel room.

“All features aim to provide real-time information to clinicians so that they have the ability to rapidly and effectively address injury and illness, with the goal of driving the best possible performance by athletes and the best possible experience for spectators,” said Attila Ferik, software development director at GE Healthcare and advanced leader of the Hungarian development group.