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Fewer students taking language exams

The number of those sitting language exams seems to have fallen to 111,000 in November 2019, from 120,000 a year earlier, according to data from the Office of Education, writes

Out of the 111,000; 74,000 passed the exam, compared to 79,000 in 2018. Most students (roughly 90,000), applied for the intermediate examination last year, and about 16,000 for the advanced level.

A total of 406 Russian language exams were taken, with nine students applying for a Chinese exam. Most others took English exams, and out of the 83,000 who sat the tests, 57,000 were certified with a pass.

The second most popular language, with 12,000 successful candidates, was German, followed by French and Spanish, with approximately 800 successful candidates in each case.