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Enrolment at vocational schools continues to decline

In the 2018/2019 academic year there were 1.669 million students in Hungary pursuing full-time public education and higher education studies, data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH) show.

The number of pupils in primary education fell by 6,200 to 726,300 compared to the previous academic year. The number of special needs pupils was broadly unchanged at 55,300.

In secondary education, the number of students in basic vocational schools was down by 7.1% at 68,860, while numbers also fell by 5.8% to 152,800 in advanced vocational schools.

The number of full-time students increased only in gymnasiums (grammar schools), with a stronger emphasis on academic learning for secondary education, where student numbers were up by 1.7% at 187,600.

In the last school year, enrolment at vocational schools also dropped while rising in gymnasiums. In full-time higher education, enrolment figures were down by 2,150 at 200,100.

Including adults attending evening courses and special needs pupils, there are 1.838 million Hungarians in public education in the ongoing academic year.

The number of Hungarians in higher education including evening, part-time and doctoral PhD studies is put at 281,460.