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Death rate from hepatitis 4th highest in EU

In Hungary, the death rate from viral hepatitis stood at 15.1 per one million inhabitants, the fourth-highest among EU Member States, according to data by statistical agency Eurostat.

Chart by Eurostat

The highest rate across the EU was recorded in Italy (33 deaths per million inhabitants), followed by Latvia (31), and Austria (19).

At the other end of the spectrum, At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest rates were recorded in Finland (with less than 1 death due to hepatitis per million inhabitants), followed by Slovenia (1) and the Netherlands (2).

According to 2017 data, the total number of deaths reported in the EU was more than 4 million. Out of all deaths, about 5,500 were attributed to viral hepatitis. Eurostat notes that while men and women are almost equally affected, those aged over 65 are most likely to be affected as they represent nearly two-thirds of these deaths.