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Budapest Airport prepared for extraordinary coronavirus measures

Budapest Airport says it has significant stocks of all necessary protective equipment, adding it is ready to support the work of the authorities with detailed procedural rules, in case extraordinary authority measures coronavirus-related are introduced at the airport.

The airport is in continuous contact with the National Public Health Center and the Airport Public Health Branch of the National Public Health Division of the Budapest Government Office to ensure the immediate implementation of any extraordinary measures.

In case precautionary measures are introduced, preformulated procedural rules on the necessary processes can be implemented at the airport with immediate effect, including the isolation of infected passengers, quarantine measures and the disinfection of buildings or vehicles, the airport operator notes. Budapest Airport says that it is able to ensure seamless passenger traffic even in case precautionary measures are introduced.

Starting today, Budapest Airport continuously makes antiviral hand sanitizer gel available in passenger circulation areas. Additionally, the disinfectant cleaning frequency is increased.  The management also calls attention to the most important preventive hygiene measures via public information signs.

The airport operator has significant adds that it has stocks of the necessary protective gear (protective clothing, gloves, masks, plastic shoe covers, etc.), as well as equipment and materials required for disinfection. Appropriate isolation facilities are also available.

According to a report by news site, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said that there are eight Hungarian citizens in Hubei province, the center of the coronavirus outbreak. All bar one of them have asked to be evacuated, according to the minister. There are no known Hungarian coronavirus cases at the moment.