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Asian species among growing mosquito population

The rainy, warm weather coming after a period of drought is favoring the development of mosquitoes, who are beginning to multiply en masse, including not only native pests but also a newly arrived foreign species, writes

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Ecologists are asking the public to be aware of the Asian tiger mosquito and send in a sample if possible, according to the Ecological Research Center of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (ELKH).

The tiger mosquito is relatively easy to recognize, as this species has a contrasting color: spots and stripes of snow-white border the body on a black background, with white rings on the legs, and a single longitudinal white stripe on the back. The tiger mosquito’s body is about five mm in length.

According to ELKH it is important to tackle the species because it starts biting humans, domestic and wild animals, amphibians, reptiles and birds and spreads at least 22 types of viruses, the agricultural website adds.