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Andy Vajnaʼs will disappears, widow inherits USD 123 mln firm

The will of the late Hollywood producer Andy Vajna has disappeared, meaning that his widow Tímea Vajna has inherited the producerʼs fortune and businesses, including holding company AV Perfect, worth USD 123 million, according to a report by Hungarian news portal HVG.

Andy Vajna (pictured) died on January 20, 2019. Image: Northfoto/

HVG says that legal documents reveal that Andy Vajna did write a testament on March 7, 2018. However, since the original version of that will cannot be traced, and participants of the inheritance negotiations have failed to reconstruct the will, the producerʼs fortune now belongs to Tímea Vajna. 

The only asset in the documents with a value tag attached to it is holding company AV Perfect, worth more than USD 123 million. Other items include a company called AV Holdings, a Bentley automobile, three bank accounts, several works of art, and a fee originating from an 1994 producer contract.

The news portal says that AV Perfect, which has belonged to Tímea Vajna since October 1, became the owner of offshore company Cinergi last year. In turn, Cinergi owns luxury restaurant Nobu, radio station Rádió 1, some casinos, and also has stakes in Tímea Vajnaʼs companies.

On the other hand, the producer also left behind debts to two companies: AVI Jersey Limited and Cinergi Pictures.

Counting the worth of AV Perfect alone, the producerʼs widow is potentially the 31st richest Hungarian at the moment, according to data from Napi.huʼs top 100 richest Hungarians list. Still, her total net worth is hard to calculate until the debts and value of other inherited possessions become public.

According to a fresh article by news site, Tímea Vajna said that she still has to go through a complex legal procedure in the United States before she is granted full access to the assets. She claims that the will has not disappeared.