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1st domestically developed digital language exam accredited

The first fully digital, domestically developed language exam, the International Test of Language Competence (iTOLC) has been accredited, meaning that students will be able to undertake German and English exams through computers, the company told the Budapest Business Journal.

The completion of the test takes about half a day, with some 112 stations in 13 cities expected to offer the opportunity to take iTOLC. The exam, created by Katedra Language School and Innostart Kft., aims to satisfy the needs of Generation Y and Z, while being less taxing on the environment than paper based alternatives. 

Some 35 million people have taken digital exams worldwide thus far, but iTOLC is the first domestically-developed variant to have been accredited in Hungary.

"The domestically-developed iTOLC got the green light from the Accreditation Center for Foreign Language Examinations (NYAK) in March," says Gergely Dávid, leading expert at iTOLC.

"The system was realized with the help of HUF 132 million in EU funds, and its based on surveys made among students. The focal point of the two-year-long development was the language learning and usage habits, which are strongly related to the digital environment, of young adults who can be regarded sʼdigital nativesʼ."

The testing of all four skills (writing, reading, speaking and listening) takes place on computers, meaning that problems such as unreadable handwriting are eliminated. Furthermore, the evaluation process is quicker, as part of it is done by the computer, meaning that students can get feedback on their performance earlier.