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Innovative Recruitment Solutions on a Transforming Market

The SSC sector experienced a stable period in 2019. The dynamic growth that defined the previous years slowed down and centers were more focused on expanding their existing portfolio towards the provision of global operations. Investors began to focus on delivering measurable business values, efficiency and innovation rather than solely concentrate on cost saving when considering Hungary.

György Bucsku, Business Services & Talent Sourcing Manager, Hays Hungary

Yet, this year showed significant discrepancy between the salaries offered by most SSCs and candidates’ expectations. In order to retain the talented workforce and stay competitive on the labor market, companies are pushed to increasingly start focusing on their employer branding strategies. Offering more attractive non-financial benefits and contributing to a more stable work-life balance are both indispensable. In this regard, the opportunity for home office is no longer an added bonus but a mandatory element for almost all positions.

The loyalty of the current workforce and the reputation of the sector has been strengthened by the fact that companies are eager to create more high-value added functions. Positions which are not attractive enough or low-value added are transferred to Asia or automatized. Nevertheless, automation is generally well received by employees and those who are affected have managed to find new, complex, decision-demanding or project-based jobs within the centers.

The changes mentioned above have a significant effect on recruitment agencies as well. Companies consider agencies as consultants; therefore, the need has increased for market-wide research and salary benchmarks. In order to provide the best possible service and find the most talented candidates,  agencies are starting to put more effort towards campus recruitment and alternative channels. Furthermore, SSCs are more likely to use the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) model and employ external recruiters at their own premises to manage the end-to-end recruitment process. In order to satisfy this need, Hays offers to set up special onsite recruitment teams who are dedicated to help the client to maximize their effectiveness and talent attraction during major projects. By using an RPO service the client receives a flexible, quick and cost-saving solution which is tailored to its unique needs.