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FDI dropped 40% in 2009

In 2009, foreign direct investment dipped another 40% globally, according to the latest issue of the World Investment Report. Growth is expected to return already this year.

Foreign direct investments dropped 40% globally in 2009, following a 15% decrease a year before, said Mihály Simai, a professor of the World Economy Research Institution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at the presentation of the 20th World Investment Report.

Simai, who is also an advisor for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, highlighted that the report prognoses growth in 2010. FDI will likely to reach the record high $2,000 billion of 2007 in 2012, business news portal reports.

The downturn of the foreign direct investments reached the bottom in the second half of 2009. It will probably reach more than half of the record, $1,200 billion in 2010, and can reach $1,500 billion a year later. (BBJ)