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Self storage facility opened in Budapest

Euro Mini Storage, a facility built especially for easy access self storage purposes, has officially opened on Thursday in Budapest. The company plans to open four other facilities in the city in three years' time, with an investment of €25 million.

Euro Mini Storage brings a new concept, self-storage to the Hungarian market. It offers storage units of 1 to 27 square meters to individuals or companies that want to store their goods cheap and safely. „The greatest advantage of our service is flexibility: there are no long-term commitments, units can be leased immediately and even for a month,” said managing director Danu M. Temelie.

The facility was built with an investment of €7 million.

The prices of the units ranges from €23 to €261 depending on the type of the unit, and are to be paid monthly by the actual currency rate or in euros. The most popular type of unit is 6 square meters in size. An occupancy rate of about 85% is to be reached in 3-4 years' time when the market becomes mature.

The recently opened facility is the first of this type of storages, but surely not the last one. Euro Mini Storage plans to open another 4 buildings in Budapest in the next three years, investing another €25 million in the business. „We set the standards on this market, but welcome any competition, because every one of them will be educating the market,” Temelie added. (BBJ Online)