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Rossmann moves to BILK Logistic Park

Retail company Rossmann has signed a lease transaction for 7,500 sqare meter warehouse and office area in BILK Logistic Park in Soroksár, Budapest for the term of several years.

Rossmann Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft needed the logistic space, in order to satisfy the increasing supply chain requirements of its intensively expanding network, said Erdős Bálint, Head of Industrial Agency at DTZ, which advised Rossmann in the deal. He added that direct road access and strategic geographical location -relatively close to the existing Rossmann warehouse in Airport Business Park, Vecsés - were considered as high priority. High technical standards including building specification (for example 12.5 meter clear internal height) and competitive pricing were also important during the decision making process. Based on the results of the cooperation between DTZ and Rossmann, a previously out-sourced "3PL" activity is in-sourced and managed by the logistic team of Rossmann from October 2006. (DTZ)