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Reports on the growth of construction in April 2006

Data adjusted by working days show that the a partial cause of the decrease was that there were two working days fewer in April 2006 than one year earlier. The output of the greatest sub-branch, building of complete constructions and civil engineering decreased by 3% related to the high base of the previous year, but it rose by 7.2% from the beginning of the year. The production of building installation decreased 9.6% in April and by 3.1% in the first quarter.

The production of building completion fell by 12.9% in April. Constructions of buildings have decreased by 7.5% in April, and by 2.3% since the beginning of 2005. Construction of civil engineering decreased at a smaller pace, by 1.5 in this month, related to the high base of April 2005. It grew by 12.8% in January-April. The effect of the decrease of dwelling construction appeared in the fall of construction of buildings. Dynamic growth in the civil engineering have slowed, the production fluctuated at a high level reached in the last months. In the first four months the production of enterprises having headquarters in Central Transdanubia and in Northern Hungary expanded at the highest pace, by 45.2% and by 24.3.% respectively. On the other hand, production of enterprises in Western Transdanubia and Southern Great Plain decreased. The stock of orders at the end of the month was 4.8% greater than in April 2005. Within this, stock of orders for building construction went up by 34.7% but that for civil engineering decreased by 4.4%. In April the volume of new orders was by 13.7% over the level of the same period of the previous year. Within this, volume of new contracts for buildings increased by 2.6% and that for civil engineering works grew by 23.2%. From the beginning of 2006 the volume of new contracts increased by 32.2%. The cost-based construction prices – compared to the same month of 2005 – rose by 5.7%, of which the prices of the sub-branch building of complete constructions and civil engineering increased by 6.5%. In comparison with the previous month the construction prices increased by 1.3% in April.