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Montenegro property described as a 'good proposition'

Property in Montenegro has been described by one industry body as a "good proposition", as there has been "quite a movement" towards the country among investors in recent years.

Having recently achieved independence from Serbia, the country has reported booming tourist numbers as airline services to Montenegro expand, while the country's appearance in films such as Casino Royale has also helped raise its international profile. Describing the Montenegrin property market as one that is likely to "blossom" further, Arlette Adler, spokesperson for the Federation of Overseas Property Developers, Agents and Consultants (Fopdac), revealed that property investors are likely to find many aspects of Montenegro attractive. "(Properties) are cheap, now that they have got away from Serbia it's safe, and it's beautiful. I think it would be a good proposition," she remarked. Recently, reported that foreign investors now account for 8.49% of accommodation space in Montenegro, whether in the form of houses, apartments, hotels and business spaces. Montenegro is Europe's newest independent state and in forthcoming years it may be considered for accession to the EU. (