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Investors “should look at Eastern Europe”

Foreign investors have been advised to consider looking at Eastern European markets.

Fund manager Ion Florescu stated that countries, such as Bulgaria and Romania could be good options to look at because of their favorable macro-economic conditions. Speaking to the Financial Times, he highlighted the strong level of growth the region had experienced during the post-Cold War era. Specifically, he praised the visible signs of economic prosperity, such as improvements to the transport network. For example, Florescu stated that the Romanian government in particular had invested considerable sums of money in upgrading its road system. In addition, he cited the increased investment in the country’s aviation sector, as airports had been upgraded as the number of foreign visitors increased. This comes after a study commissioned by the Daily Telegraph stated that countries such as Lithuania, Poland and Hungary could be good markets for investors to consider. Knight Frank, which carried out the research, also highlighted Romania as a possible option. (realestatetv)