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Hungary construction sector decline slows to 4.2% in January

Output of Hungary's construction sector fell 4.2% in January yr/yr, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said.

The decline -- the same according to both unadjusted and workday-adjusted figures -- slowed from a 12.3% drop yr/yr in December. The last twelve-month increase, of 15.1%, was registered in June 2009.

In a month-on-month comparison, the sector's output fell a seasonally-adjusted 0.1% in January after declining 4.3% in December. It rose 2.6% in November and fell in October and September after monthly increases in July and August.

Construction sector output slipped 10.1% last year. The sector's output dropped 4.3% in 2009; output fell each year since 2006.

Output of the building segment fell 4.2% yr/yr in January after dropping 3.7% in December. The construction of buildings rose yr/yr after three years of almost steady decline between July and September 2010, and again in November, before dropping in December and January.

January output of the civil engineering segment dropped 4.5% after declining 21.3% yr/yr in December. Output of the civil engineering segment has been steadily down yr/yr since November 2009.

Construction sector order stock was down 21.7% yr/yr in January after falling 13.3% in December, declining for the sixth month in a row after rising between March 2009 and July 2010.

Order stock in the building segment fell 16.8% yr/yr in January, dropping now for the seventh month in a row. Orders in the civil engineering segment were down 25.4% from a high base in January 2010, dropping now for the second month after steady increases for many months.

New orders fell 46.6% in January yr/yr after dropping 27.9% in December. Except for a 4.2% rise in June, new orders has been down yr/yr since last April.

New orders in the building segment declined 9.3% yr/yr. New orders in the segment has fallen since last May except for July and September. New orders in the civil engineering segment dropped 69.3% as a result of the high base related to large road construction contracts. New orders in the civil engineering segment has been down yr/yr since April 2010 with the exception of a 12.4% rise last June.