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Hotels being built all around

Southeast Hungary is seeing a boom in hotel investments with over a dozen new projects underway, Napi Gazdaság reports.

Hilton recently announced it is building a four-star hotel in Kecskemét for HUF 1.9 billion after it won HUF 437 million in government grants for the development. The 100-room facility will sit next to city's new water park and a sports complex, which are also under construction.

Further southeast, the town of Hódmezővásárhely is getting a new 90-room four-star hotel named Ginko-Sas as part of a HUF 1.3 billion investment. SK Sas Project Kft, the owner, won HUF 378 million in EU grants for the development.

Other major projects include a HUF 1.7 billion hotel investment in Mórahalom lead by the local government-owned Mórainvest Kft and two hotel renovations in Szeged -one by Hunguest worth HUF 1.5 billion and one by Régi Hungária Kft. (Napi Gazdaság)