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Fidesz MP's submit amendment to extend moratorium on evictions until July

Governing party Fidesz proposed to extend the moratorium on home evictions until July 1 only, instead of for an indefinite period as earlier planned.

In the reasons given to the amendment proposal, the authors of the motion -- two MP's of Fidesz, János Lázár and Antal Rogán -- said it is a “morally essential social interest” that the loans taken out must definitely be repaid while taking into account the financial strength of the borrower.

They note that the value of the mortgage bonds serving as financing for the mortgage loans must be preserved over the long term. This is also the interest of the majority repaying the home loans on schedule since their burdens would also increase otherwise.

They emphasize, however, that the Banking Association and the government are currently working on plans serving to protect troubled borrowers, under which the burdens would be shared by the borrowers, the banks and the government.

The moratorium is to expire on April 15.

The amendment was earlier initiated by five MP's of Fidesz and one Christian Democratic People's Party deputy. Their proposal would have extended the moratorium for an indefinite period.