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Emerging markets “becoming more popular”

Emerging markets in the east of Europe are growing in popularity among Russian property investors, according to a media report.

Russia Profile said that countries such as Montenegro and Croatia were becoming highly sought-after markets, partly due to their affordable property prices. The markets were said to be highly popular among both “super-wealthy” property buyers as well as middle class investors, many of whom were also attracted by their good infrastructure. Combined with the high quality of the buildings, these factors were said to make foreign property markets a more attractive proposition for homebuyers than Russia. The news provider added that emerging countries were developing into “real estate shopping meccas” for overseas property investors.

Eastern European nations were recently said to be increasingly popular with foreign buyers because their property markets were experiencing fast rates of growth. David Lewis of Hodge Insurance Brokers told the Western Mail that people were drawn to emerging countries because they offered above-average capital returns. (ready2invest)