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Echo presents Mundo City Center design concept

Polish real estate investor Echo Investment presented the new concept of Mundo City Centre at the Budapest Central Architectural and Technical City Jury on 7th November 2007, the firms aid in a press release.

Architect Lajos Hartvig representing Bánáti és Hartvig Építész Iroda Kft described the new design of the giant investment on Zugló’s Bosnyák square. As result of the jury’s official position the presented principal construction permit is recommended to final permission.

“Though the construction of Mundo project has not yet started, for us it is a major step in the project phase as today we presented our concept of the new city centre that both reflect the city’s conception and expectations and our business goals. We are very pleased about the jury’s positive reception of the concept and do hope to contribute to the renewal of Zugló’s largest public space, Bosnyák square - said Piotr Gromniak, member of the Management Board of Echo Investment right after the jury meeting.

“It has been a very intensive period for us and an active cooperation with our Polish architectural partner Mofo in designing the new concept which was positively received by the professional jury. We have made all effort to contributing to change Bosnyák square into a lively and spectacular community place serving both Zugló’s citizens and other surrounding districts” – highlighted Lajos Harvig, managing director of Bánáti Hartvig Architectural Ltd.

The polish investor purchased the 6,8-hectare plot from Zugló Municipality in June 2006, and will realize a new city centre serving as a community space for the citizens of Zugló and neighbouring districts. Construction will likely begin at the end of 2008 and will be co-designed by the Polish Mofo and Bánáti Hartvig Építész Iroda. (press release)