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Drugmaker completes environmental investment

Drug maker sanofi-aventis/Chinoin has completed a HUF 660 million environmental investment at its plant in Budapest, CEO Frederic Olliér said on Thursday.

The investment allows the plant to clean the two tons of water a day it uses to make active ingredients without using any chemicals.

Endre Kollár, sanofi-aventis/Chinoin chemical production direction, said the investment would cut back on the use of 1,281 tons of chemicals and the emission of 58,810 kilograms of CO2.

In 2008, the company spent €280,000 on an energy-efficiency investment that reduced the amount of steam the plant uses by 7, the amount of water by 29% and the amount of energy by 8%, while cutting CO2 emissions by 3,000 tons, he added. sanofi-aventis/Chinoin recouped the investment in just eight months.

Environmental protection director Erzsébet Odor said sanofi-aventis/Chinoin collected 174 tons of medicines past their sell-by date with the cooperation of Recyclomed last year. (MTI-ECONEWS)