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Croatia property “risky but exciting”

Those investing in property in Croatia away from the coast will be embarking in a high-risk strategy but should find some outstanding assets, it has been stated.

Rhinannon Davies, director of international property investment website Amberlamb, stated: “If you’re a risk-taker and you’re not afraid of hard work you can find stunning, well-priced property stock in Croatia’s inner regions.” She suggested that this could be a precarious move because it went against the grain of overseas investment in the country and could mean such properties were hard to rent out or sell on. Reflecting on alternatives, Davies ruled out the capital Zagreb on affordability grounds and suggested land banking or commercial property could be a wiser move.

Investors in Croat property may see buy-to-let to tourists in scenic coastal areas as the best way to make gains. The country’s tourist board said that between January and November 2007 the number of foreign and domestic tourists totaled 11 million - up 8% on the equivalent period in 2006. (Property Industri News, UK)