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Buildings account for a little more than half of investments

Buildings accounted for about 55% of investments in Hungary in 2008, a publication by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) reveals.

Machinery, equipment or vehicles made up about 43% of investments.

Investment volume fell 3% in 2008. In Q4, it dropped 3.2% from the same period a year earlier. At current prices, the value of investments came to HUF 4,791.5 billion in 2008, including HUF 1,835.2 billion in Q4.

Building investment volume dropped 6.8% in 2008, while machinery investments increased 2.7%. Within machinery investments, the proportion of imported and domestic machinery was about the same and both increased at the same pace during the year.

Three sectors accounted for about two-thirds of investments: the manufacturing industry, the logistics, postal and telecommunications industry, and the real estate and economic services sector. Investment volume in the manufacturing sector fell 3.6%, albeit from a high base. Investment volume in the logistics, postal and telecommunications industry declined 6% as there were fewer road projects. Investment volume in the real estate and economic services sector dropped 1.5%.

Public sector investment volume plunged 30% in 2008, including a 13% drop in the education sector and a 2.1% decline in the healthcare sector. (MTI – Econews)